Below are some resources that will help you to take action and be a part of making Foster City--and the planet--a more sustainable place to live.

Be an ECO Hero!
By Opting Up! to ECO100 with Peninsula Clean Energy, you can power your home with 100% clean energy. For the average household, this premium is only about $2.50 more per month than what you would usually pay PG&E!

Help California Save Water!
Learn about water conservation tips and strategies, get rebates to purchase your own rain barrel, and sign up for landscape and water resource classes!

Recycling & Waste
Foster City offers a variety of environmental programs to help you reduce your footprint and get the most out of your waste management. Learn about compost incentives, recycling strategies, advice for construction and demolition projects, and free big item pick ups.

San Mateo County provides a no-cost education and outreach program to raise awareness around sustainability and empower community members with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainability! A diverse range of classes are offered by local experts on cutting-edge sustainability information and practices.

San Mateo County and the Bay Area Regional Energy Network are partnering to help homeowners learn about how to reduce their energy use, increase comfort, and add value to their homes. The partnerships allow for great cash incentives and rebates!