Sustainable Gifting

Dear Foster City Community! ‘Tis the season of gifting. As you ponder gifts for family and friends, below are some ideas to make your gifts meaningful, long-lasting, and sustainable.

  • Gift Your Presence
    • Give an IOU of time spent walking/hiking or enjoying a meal/cooking together
  • Gift a Shared Experience
    • A gift certificate to an Art/Yoga/Dance class
    • Gift tickets to the movies or play at our local live theater
    • Membership to a museum, zoo, theme park
    • Prepaid subscription to an exercise class or yoga/meditation app
    • Prepaid personal training sessions
    • Audio or e-book subscription
    • Pair any of these with the first - join them in the activity for double the joy!
  • Gift of an Expert
    • A chef-prepared meal (maybe the chef is you or a local community member)
    • Prepaid sessions with a personal organizer
    • Prepaid food delivery services such as Daily Harvest, HelloFresh, Uber Eats, Door Dash
  • Handmade gifts - share your creative side with others. Handmade gifts have an emotional and unquantifiable value. Consider:
    • sewing reusable napkins using upcycled materials
    • knitting, crocheting, quilting
    • baking a pie, making fruit preserves, desserts-in-a-jar, or a casserole
    • preparing non-toxic cleaning solutions
    • sharing a favorite photo of a special moment with a message of gratitude
    • buying homemade, non-toxic, plastic-free soaps and other personal care products on sites such as Etsy
  • No-waste and low-waste gifts and wrapping
    • House plants or garden plants and seeds - check your local nurseries, farmers markets, and small businesses
    • Wrap your present with butcher paper or newspaper, tie it with twine, and decorate it with rosemary or a flower from your garden
    • Reuse any brown paper bag by flipping it inside out and using rubber stamps for something decorative

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!