Economic Development

Economic sustainability and development, which serves the common good, is self-renewing and encourages a wide variety of community-serving businesses to operate locally, creating self-renewing economic resources to support a thriving community.

On September 19, 2016, Foster City's City Council approved the first two years of the Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Check out our latest infograph to learn about the exciting developments in Economic Development in Foster City.

The City of Foster City has partnered with microlender Kiva to bring 0% interest loans to Foster City's small business community. Click here to learn more about this exciting program!
Russell Hancock, CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, recently gave an update on the economic state of the Peninsula at the Foster City Business Roundtable in March, 2017. Click here to view his presentation.
Foster City has partnered with Scoop, the carpooling app, with discounted pricing for commuters who work or live in Foster City.  55,000+ commuters already use Scoop to carpool. Save time, money, and meet co-workers + neighbors - all while helping the environment.  Scoop’s carpooling solution makes it easy for all of us to reduce congestion and traffic. Learn more here.
Foster City SizeUp is the City's powerful, new market analysis tool designed specifically to help Foster City businesses succeed in today’s competitive market place. Try our free online SizeUp tool to help you make business decisions through data analysis. SizeUp now!
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